The International Pirate’s Hall of Fame is not a popularity contest. The selection of annual inductees is made up of a committee of pirate entertainers who combined have well over 100 years of experience as pirates and wenches.

Applications are encouraged and accepted year round. Each September, the Selection Committee will meet to review all nominations, review the applications for eligibility and then vote on the year’s selections to the Hall of Fame. There is no minimum or maximum number of inductees, nor is the committee required to select anyone in a particular year.

All pirate entertainers and re-enactors are eligible for admission into the International Pirates Hall of Fame. The minimum eligibility standards are:

1. At least 10 years of verifiable performance or re-enactment experience.

2. Must be able to document years of performance and extent.

3. A nomination (you can self-nominate) containing a resume of performance or re-enactment experience, professional and non-professional. If self-nominating, an essay about why you qualify may assist the committee in its deliberations.

4. At least three references.

5. At least three photos of you, including two in performance and one portrait (that is suitable for use in your Hall of Fame profile).

The committee reserves the right to ask for additional information in the vetting process. Please include your email, phone number and/or website address so that committee members can follow up with you. Use our Nominate a Pirate page to nominate a worthy pirate or wench, or email your nominations directly to

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