Hall of Fame

The International Pirate’s Hall of Fame is a labor of love for all those who are involved.

In putting this Hall of Fame together, it occurred to us that the current renaissance in the popularity of pirates would not have been possible without those who have been come before us, paving the way for us to enjoy this wonderful pursuit of bringing piracy to life.

Many of these individuals aren’t household names. They aren’t even known among today’s general population. Others are well known, even notorious.

In selecting Hall of Famers from the nominees, we sought to find those people who may have never won a popularity contest, even if one were held today. They didn’t seek fame or fortune. What they did, they did purely for the love of being a pirate or a wench. Each in his or her own way is deserving of a place of honor in our hearts, in our minds and in the history books of pirate entertainment and re-enactment.

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