~ 2012 Inductees ~

We are proud to announce this year’s additions to the International Pirate’s Hall of Fame.

Note: In determining this year’s inductees the committee felt special recognition was again deserved for those pirates who were doing their thing long before there was a Captain Jack Sparrow. Their pioneering performance style over the last six decades has rippled through the collective DNA of pirates and wenches who have come upon this calling more recently, not even knowing that these men and women were the innovators of what is now a relatively common thing – going out in public as a pirate.


2012 Hall of Famers


Don “Curly” Haviland
Pirate Entertainer (Ambassador)

curlyCurly was much more than a pirate. He was an ambassador of goodwill and good times wherever he went. Curly could be a party unto himself. But add an audience of two or more and it was magic. Like some of the other pirates admitted here, Curly was a member of the Seattle Seafair Pirates and served as their Captain Kidd in 1965. Behind that smile, few knew of the many years of pain Curly felt. Pinned underneath a locomotive in a train wreck, his back was broken and his future uncertain. But a silly debilitating injury couldn’t keep the master of joy down. Wherever Curly went, he brought smiles to children young and old.

After leaving the Seafair crew, Curly became a Charter Member of the International Brothers of the Coast, Northwest Chapter. As a member of this organization, he somehow convinced Seagram’s  to mount a Captain Morgan’s Rum campaign that allowed the group to entertain at some of the best places in the Puget Sound area, drink all the rum they could drink and get paid $5,000 a month to do it. It seems only fitting that Curly’s photo would show him as Captain Morgan, a role he loved and the thousands of restaurant and club patrons loved him as well. Though Curly has traveled to a better anchorage (we hope with an open bar), his legendary smile, showmanship and charisma live on. If you ever go to the Rusty Scupper Daze in Westport, Washington, you may notice a familiar face there. Curly is the official mascot of the festival. And every once in a while you can hear a faint whisper of “Make the kids cry” from a guy who brought joy to so many, many people.



Finbar Gittelman
Pirate Promoter/Ship Captain/Entertainer

finbarThe only inductee who is a real Captain with a real ship, Captain Finbar is both the master and commander of the Schooner WOLF and Admiral and First Sea Lord of the Conch Republic, annually leading their naval forces into combat during the annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration. The good captain built the WOLF in 1982-83 in Panama City. A Norfolk Rover class steel hull schooner, she is 74′ in length and is one of the most familiar silhouettes in the waters around the Keys.

A co-creator of the annual conch independence celebration which is held each April, Captain Finbar is a master seafarer and one of the Florida Key’s most respected citizens, always ready to share a tale or two with his wonderful sense of humor and wry smile. Though you’ll see him in his dress whites for formal occasions, Finbar is a true pirate at heart and hardly needs a costume to prove it. He has sailed in the worst of weather, even being lost at sea for three days after his ship foundered in Hurricane Allen (ask him to tell you the story some day). In addition to directing the Keys’ naval forces, Captain Finbar regularly sails the WOLF on charters, weddings, memorial sails and team building exercises. For more than a decade, he lent his ship and support to the Pirates in Paradise Festival held annually in Key West. The ship and the captain have a serious side too. They are regularly involved in Caribbean relief missions, delivering food and other relief supplies to victims of hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.


Bobby “Waterrat” Smyth
Pirate Entertainer

waterratIt’s hard to separate Bobby Smyth from his Irish accent or his ever present baritone ukulele. Bobby became a candidate of the Seafair Pirates in 1967 and a year later, was on his way to South Korea and Japan as part of a USO tour of military bases, performing in the Seafair Pirates’ “Something Cool” show. He became the group’s Captain Kidd and President in 1971. Nineteen years later, he co-founded the International Pirates of the Coast, N.W. Chapter, building on his legacy as one of the great pirate entertainers in the country, if not the world. He has performed all over the United States and the world, including Sail Boston ’92 in New Orleans and Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Pirate’s Week in Grand Cayman and as shipboard entertainment aboard the Ocean Spirit cruise to Honduras, Belize, Roatan and Cozumel.

Waterrat is particularly gifted when it comes to wowing children. Historically they have flocked to him as if he were a cross between the Pied Piper and Peter Pan. He is a terrific entertainer, launching into impromptu songs with his baritone uke and rich Irish tenor voice. But don’t call him a singer. He’s a pirate through and through and even though the years have ticked by, he continues to delight audiences young and old well into his late 80s. Ask anyone who has tried to keep up with him on the dance floor or in a bar who the Energizer Bunny is with the striped shirt, arm bands, mischievous smile and penchant for puns, and they’ll point to Zee Rat.

Our 2012 Nominees

  • Scurvy Dog
  • Cascabel
  • Mission
  • Patrick Hand
  • Kelly Farrah
  • Bawdy Be
  • Scarlett Jai
  • Jerry Ceis
  • Mike Lockwood
  • Captain Charles Black





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