~ 2014 Inductees ~

We are proud to announce this year’s additions to the International Pirate’s Hall of Fame.

Note: In determining this year’s inductees the committee felt special recognition was again deserved for those pirates who were doing their thing long before there was a Captain Jack Sparrow. Their pioneering performance style over the last six decades has rippled through the collective DNA of pirates and wenches who have come upon this calling more recently, not even knowing that these men and women were the innovators of what is now a relatively common thing – going out in public as a pirate.


2014 Hall of Famers


Arthur “Cascabel” Whittam
Pirate Entertainer/Weapons Expert

Cascabel2resFor more than 30 years, Cascabel has been a fixture of festivals far and wide, bringing to life the very essence of what children young and old consider to be the commensurate pirate figure. He has been a headliner at countless events, including Pirates in Paradise in Key West, the Charleston, South Carolina Maritime Festival and Pepsi America’s Sail.

As a true pirate entertainer, he can take on many forms, from that of a common seamen to a glitzy captain in lace and brocade and anything in between. Though he can be many characters, his favorite is Cascabel, a scoundrel if ever there was one, albeit with a bit of soft spot for children who can always talk him out of one of his fine gold pieces.

Cascabel is also a weapons expert have done numerous educational presentations on period weapons and pirate history. His trademark blunderbuss is one of his favorite weapons and he’ll rarely turn down a chance to talk about it and, of course, demonstrate it.

Cascabel has also taken to the stage, portraying the proprietor of Izzy’s Tavern in historical productions about the trial of Anne Bonny and Mary Read and has appeared in commercials, movies and TV productions in the Americas and abroad. He has also been immortalized in several Don Maitz paintings, who also brought the Captain Morgan of rum fame to life.

In the pirate community, Cascabel is someone others aspire to be and is a treasured part of the community and a worthy and welcomed addition to the International Pirates Hall of Fame.



Brandy “Bawdy B” Etheridge
Pirate Entertainer

bawdebe1Bawdy B is another pirate who found her calling long before there was ever a Jack Sparrow. Bawdy B is a multi-talented, versatile entertainer who can portray the many sides of lasses called to the sweet trade. Though there are plenty of pirate entertainers who have been doing this long before it was fashionable, it’s rare to find a woman who has performed for three decades as a pirate entertainer.

We are proud that Bawdy B is our first female inductee into the International Pirates Hall of Fame. A great chanty singer and historian, Bawdy also runs the famed Beg ‘N’ Barter, which offers a little bit of everything for sale to pirates and landlubbers alike at area festivals.

Bawdy also can claim to live in true pirate waters, living in the Florida Keys where she has lived since the late 1980s. It was there that she started her pirate entertainment life in the 1990s, branching out from being a singer in local bars.

Not only is Bawdy B a fine pirate entertainer in her own right, but she is also an actress, portraying real life pirate Anne Bonny in numerous historical productions. She is also trained in weaponry, including doing numerous historical presentations and demonstrations throughout the southwest and east coasts.

Congratulations, Bawdy B. We are happy to have you as a member of the International Pirates Hall of Fame.



Jerry Ceis
Pirate Entertainer/Promoter

ceisOur final inductee for 2014 is Jerry Ceis. Most outside of Washington State have never heard of this fine pirate, but Jerry was a true pirate and a tried and true entertainer. Adventure was Jerry’s middle name, from trying to sail solo to Hawaii in 1975 at the age of 18 to living a pirate’s life, including serving as Captain Kidd in the Seattle Seafair Pirates in 1984.

His true loves were sailing and pirating, and Jerry was a pirate in and out of his costumes. Always dreaming up the next big thing, Jerry once conceived of arriving at the Seafair Pirates landing by helicopter and a year later on horseback. He led his crew to places few get to go, including the top of the Space Needle and Smith Tower and the Governor’s Mansion in the Caymans. His trademark pirate moves were being “shot” on the top deck of the group’s parade vehicle and falling dead into a waiting net and being gunned down in the street and drug down the street by the pirate’s float. He was always bleeding, but never bellyaching from his stunts.

He is also the one responsible for taking the Seafair Pirates to the Cayman Islands in the 1980s. He convinced the government to bring in 10 to 12 pirates every year at their expense, covering all the airfare, hotels, transportation and even some rum punch. His bold idea led to a 30 year partnership with the islands.

He was also a superb entertainer. He recorded an album, Ceis Stories, which featured his amazing recitations of Robert Service poems, which he would also perform from atop numerous bars for gathered patrons. You could hear a pin drop.


Our 2014 Nominees

  • Scurvy Dog
  • Mission
  • Patrick Hand
  • Kelly Farrah
  • Scarlett Jai
  • Mike Lockwood
  • Captain Charles Black
  • Robb “Hurricane” Zerr
  • Mike “Animal” Cuffin





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