~ 2016 Inductees ~

We are proud to announce this year’s additions to the International Pirate’s Hall of Fame.

Note: In determining this year’s inductees the committee felt special recognition was again deserved for those pirates who were doing their thing long before there was a Captain Jack Sparrow. Their pioneering performance style over the last six decades has rippled through the collective DNA of pirates and wenches who have come upon this calling more recently, not even knowing that these men and women were the innovators of what is now a relatively common thing – going out in public as a pirate.


2016 Hall of Famers


Mike Lockwood
Pirate/Cayman Pirates Week Director


Known as “Chief Pirate,” Mike Lockwood was responsible for creating what we know as Pirates Week in the Cayman Islands. Mike worked with Jim Bodden and the Tourism Advisory Council to bring the event to fruition and served as its Committee Chairman from 1982 until his death in 1997.

Even in a business suit, Mike was a true pirate. His bushy beard came about during the second year of the festival. They held a beard growing contest and as Mike put it, he grew a beard and half that year and decided to keep it. He was bigger in life in all that he did and he lived every day to its fullest.

It was Mike who invited the Seafair Pirates to the festival in 1983, feeling that it needed some professional pirates. That relationship continued for several decades and was largely due to a friendship forged between Mike and Jerry Ceis, a fellow inductee here in the Hall of Fame.

Under Mike’s leadership, Pirates Week expanded from a weekend party to a cultural and heritage festival that showcased the different towns around Cayman. Islanders brought their unique recipes for conch, turtle and other traditional island dishes while the air filled with music and historical interpretations and exhibits.

He also made sure that the festival was all about children. Schools throughout the island would have costume and talent competitions and often receive visits from pirates who entertained and educated the crowds.

Today, the island commemorates his many contributions by holding the Mike Lockwood Memorial Swim Meet.

The world lost a wonderful man, a passionate event organizer and an amazing pirate when he died.



Robb “Hurricane” Zerr
Pirate Entertainer/Re-enactor/Musician


Hurricane stumbled into piracy as part of a skiffle band that did a stint as honorary entertainers with the Seafair Pirates. The year was 1982. Fast forward eight years, and he engineered a mutiny against this pirate crewe, famously taking most of its senior members with him.

Following the mutiny, he cofounded the Northwest Brothers of the Coast with Bobby “Waterrat” Smyth and “Black” Bart Ellard. He later left that group to found the Vampirates which later became known far as wide as The Pyrates of the Coast, which has been entertaining since 1992.

For the last 35 years, Hurricane has honed his skills in nearly ever facet of piracy. He estimates that he has been in more than 300 parades over the years, has entertained tens of thousands of children of all ages, sailed and piloted tall ships, participated in battles and written and performed in many stage plays, historical and hysterical. He is also the founder of the National Walk the Plank Championships and has been deeply involved in community activities related to homelessness and hunger.

While in Florida, he perfected his re-enactment skills, including creating a period pub based on his research of Port Royal. After citizens in the former buccaneer stronghold starting calling him Henry, due to his resemblance to Admiral Henry Morgan, he began performing as the famed leader of the buccaneers.

He is also the lead singer in Knot for Sail, a pirate band and a band of pirates. He has been playing tenor guitar and performing nautically inspired music for the last 30 years. As Hurricane and as a member of Knot for Sail he has performed all over North and Central America and the Caribbean, sharing his unique performance style, sense of humor and hilarious gimmicks such as the Kid Catcher and remote control shark, with audiences young and old.

Most of his adventures are chronicled in his book, Memoirs of the Buccaneer: 30 years Before the Mastm, which is also a guidebook on how to become a pirate entertainer.


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