About Us

The Founders of the International Pirate’s Hall of Fame have been privileged over these many decades to have performed alongside and to have known many legendary pirate performers, impersonators, re-enactors and promoters who have spent most of their lives living a pirate’s life.

Many of these individuals are unsung heroes to the pirate community, finding their calling long before the likes of Jack Sparrow. Others have only more recently gone on account, but have rapidly made their mark in the sweet trade.

We make no bones about the fact that we love all things pirate. We also don’t pretend to know everyone in the pirate community who is worthy to be named to the International Pirate’s Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is open to all pirates and wenches of the performing persuasion, whether they feel more at home as Captain Jack Sparrow, are ready at a moment’s notice to entertain children of all ages, or who have their heart in the history of the trade, and spend countless hours recreating it as living history.

We hope you will stop by. And if you know of a deserving pirate or wench, please nominate them so they can be considered for this deserving honor.


International Pirates Hall of Fame Committee

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